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You Are Born to Flourish

My expertise lies in freeing women, or those who identify as women, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and service-based business owners from feeling anxious, frazzled, overwhelmed, and or burnt out.

Especially those who are at a Crossroads in Life, Transitioning through or on the Cusp of Change or Experiencing Challenging Times.

Taking you from:

Stress and Struggle to Calm and Balance

Constant Mind-chatter and Brain Fog to Clarity, Focus, and Direction

Worry, Problems and Negativity to Ideas, Solutions and Positivity

Lacking; Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-belief, and Self-worth to:

Brimming with Confidence, Self-esteem, Self-belief, Self-worth and Self Love

Feeling Stuck, Unhappy Unfulfilled, and Lost to:

Flying Forward with a Sense of Freedom, Inner Peace, Joy, Meaning, and Purpose

To a World of:

Living your Joyful life; Feeling Fulfiled, happy and abundant,  In your Life, Your Relationships, Business, and Career.

It’s Possible! 

I can assure you, first hand, it’s all possible, I see it every day with my clients as they learn new ways of being and the old patterns fall away, including anxiety, worry, self-doubt and overwhelm.

Transforming their lives with more ease and flow than they thought possible.  Playing and believing in possibility, connecting with their hearts and coming back home to who they truly are.

Creating the life they desire!!

Transforming Your Life

Expert Guidance – Encouragement – Inspiration

To help you reach your desired goals and outcomes I share with you what I have learned over the last 20 years.

From my own personal life experiences, working with clients and leading-edge teachers and mentors.

Sharing with you the very best powerful and proven practices, exercises, tools, and techniques.

Including, highly practical, scientifically proven, and metaphysical methods. Along with powerful guidance and profound insights and perspective.

In Personal Development & Transformation:

  • Mental Health – Stress Management, Overwhelm, Anxiety
  • Mindfulness & Beyond
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Worth
  • Lifestyle
  • Love & Relationships
  • Life Purpose
  • Happiness & Joyful Living
  • Career Transition
  • Business Success
  • Energy Healing
  • Law of Attraction
  • Spirituality


My Approach

Awareness & Awaken, Release & Renew, Confidence & Connection, Flourish and Thrive

While there are strategies, systems, and steps along the way to reach your desired results and outcomes, there is also a magical organic flow, which creates space for possibility, potential and play along the way. 

I create a safe and open environment, completely free of judgement, I am here to guide, support and hep you every step of the way, allowing you the  space to discover the answers which are within you and make your own decisions so you feel confident and empowered.  We are all our own guru! 



Personalised One to One Transformation

I’m Here to Help You

Each coaching package is carefully crafted to suit your needs, your time frames and budget where ever possible, with proven powerful simple tools, daily practices and resources, as well as a framework, systems, strategies, both practical and metaphysical depending on your needs, all of which are adaptable to suit your personal style.

Your coaching package can also include half days or full days either online or in person, for those who want results fast, or an in person private solo or  retreat for two. Perfect for those of you who want to get away from it all, the distractions and busy energy and want a full immersive experience.  


You are investing in yourself and your future, and your coaching package is unique to you, therefore your investment will differ depending on your needs, what you want to include in your package and time frames.

Payment plans are available and I will be as flexible as possible for you.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!

 With love Jen 

Discovery Call

Book A discovery Call with me to see if I can help you achieve what you want to achieve and see if we are a good fit together.

Our conversation will bring awareness and understanding of your current situation, and the challenges you are facing, and where you want to be.  

  • Explore What You Truly Want & Gain Clarity in Life or Around a Particular Situation
  • Discover the Hidden Blocks which Keep You Stuck
  • Experience Powerful Guidance to Transform Old Patterns and Release Hurt or Self Doubt
  • Experience a Future Vision & Activate Future Possibilities

Explore Your Next Steps Towards Your Desired Outcomes whether that’s working with me and in what format or not.

No pressure, this is all about you and what’s best for you, your choice to make in your own time, this is your journey. ​ 

Reach out and message me today, via WhatsApp or Email, to arrange your Discovery Call.

Or Click the button below which will take you to my calendar, all you need to do is select your time zone and choose a date and time which suits you.

Jen has completely transformed my life, in my relationships, my career, and within myself.

Prior to seeing Jen, I consistently second-guessed myself, lacking self-confidence, always seeking others’ approval, especially my parents, constantly worrying about what others thought, and never feeling good enough. I experienced high levels of anxiety daily.

Jen helped me tune and trust my intuition, boosted my confidence, and set healthy boundaries.

I live free of anxiety, am able to express my feeling with my partner and no longer get taken out by other people.

Liv Goodman

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