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You are in the right place if you are seeking more, a better way of living, with ease, balance and freedom, a life where you feel happy, balanced and fulfilled. 

Clients who work with me gain Calm, Clarity, and Confidence , filled with Self Belief, Self Worth, feeling Empowered and Connected.

I Guide, Teach, Support, Inspire and Empower Women like you who are ready to make positive and lasting change! 

Assisting you with your relationships, including the relationship with yourself. Helping you in your career or your business, accomplishing your desired outcomes, aspirations and vision, however that may look for you, in any area of your life.

* If you are Struggling and feeling Overwhelmed and or Anxious in life in general or with a specific situation.

* If you are at a Crossroads or wanting to make a big transition in Your Life, and you’re either not sure what you want or how to get there, or both.

* If you feel Lost, Stuck, Disconnected and have lost your Va Va Voom.

* If You are Looking for Clarity, Purpose and Meaning in Your Life.

* If You Want to Improve, Leave or Find a Fulfilling, Loving Relationship

I Can Help You!

“My Mission and Passion is to assist women, like you, to live the life you were born to live, a Life You Love!!

We are Born To Flourish, Why Not you!”

Jennifer Evans – ZenJen

Personalised Coaching

One to One Online Coaching Designed Specifically For You So You can Reach Your Goals, Aspirations and Dreams.

Personalised Retreats and Immersive Days

Get away from all the distractions and Relax, Reset, and Restore, A truly Transformative Experience.

Group Coaching and Programs

Experience the power of group coaching and being part of a community of like minded souls. 

What’s Possible For You, who I work with, and how I can help you

Jennifer Evans

aka ZenJen

Is a freedom seeker, adventurer and activator of play and possibility.

She is an Expert Transformation and Awakened Coach, International Best-Belling Author, Podcast Host, Public Speaker and Reiki Master.

Specialising in bringing clients back home to their hearts to discover and live a life of freedom, joy, fulfilment, love and abundance.

Her genius lies in freeing women from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious. Helping clients transform self-doubt, negative self beliefs and patterns which hold them back.

Clients who work with Jen gain balance, clarity, calm and confidence, filled with self worth, truly flourishing and living a life they love. 

I’d Love to Help You

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session

In your Session, I will Help You

  • Explore What You Truly Want & Gain Clarity
  • Discover the Hidden Blocks which Keep You Stuck
  • Experience Powerful Guidance to Transform Old Patterns
  • Explore Your Next Steps Toward Your Aspirations & Dreams


This is not a sales call, and there is no pressure for you to sign up. This is an opportunity for you to experience my approach and get first hand coaching, and discovering if we are a good fit.


Areas of Expertise

Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety and Burnout

Life doesn’t have to be full of stress, feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or burnout.

I offer you a very unique and powerful approach with profound perspective, guidance, and tools with proven results.

Allowing you to reduce stress levels, release overwhelm with ease, create a healthy work/life balance, or help you bounce back from burnout, and live free of anxiety.

I am very happy to say 100% of clients who stay the course now live anxiety free.

Without the need for years of therapy or medication.

I help you so you can live your life feeling calm, balanced, and energised. Back in control of your life feeling happier, positive, and full of va-va-voom!

Relationships - Partners, Family, Friends Colleagues

Improve any relationship and create understanding with a new perspective, communication, health boundaries, and expectations, feeling calm, confident, and empowered. 


If  you are looking for a connected, loving and meaningful partner, or wanting to improve your current relationship, you are in the right place.

Clients who work with me create deeper more loving relationships, with intimacy, healthy boundaries,  communication, and connection, as well as lots of play and fun.


Not sure if you should stay or go, or you know  you want to leave but feel stuck or trapped.

I help you gain clarity, confidence and courage to do what’s best for you, either creating a more loving and understanding relationship, or freeing yourself from toxic relationships allowing you to move on and create a happier life.

Heart Break

You have had your heart broken and you don’t know how to let go, move forward  or release the pain, anger and grief, I know how you feel! 

I have helped clients heal and move through their grief, anger and pain.

You will discover a new lease of life, brimming with self-esteem,  confidence, self-worth and self-love, looking forward to your future.

Family, Friends and Colleagues

You want to improve relationships, to create more understanding, less drama, and healthy expectations and boundaries, without any of the guilt.

I have helped clients create better, and more understanding relationships, within family, friends and at work. Dealing with difficult dynamics and drama without being triggered ot feeling guilty.



Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Self Worth and Self Love

So many women feel less than, not feeling good enough, smart enough, worthy enough, unhappy with their bodies. Filled with self doubt and negative self talk.

It effects your thoughts, emotions and behaviours, creating negative patterns and holding you back, more than you may realise. 

Clients who work with me transform the negative beliefs, and patterns, connecting with and embracing their true self, filled with self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence beyond what they thought was possible.

I help you heal and transform hidden obstacles and beliefs which cause you to feel less than, second guessing yourself, or putting yourself down, which hold you back and get in your way. 


Deeping Meaning and Purposeful Life

If you feel like there is more to life, with deeper meaning and purpose, a life with more flow and ease, connection, abundance and love.

If you want to experience a deep sense of inner peace and harmony, feel expansive and deepen your connection to all that is; source energy, infinite wisdom, god/gods, goddess’s, mother earth, nature, which ever resonates with you. 

I have helped clients gain purpose and meaning in their life, tune into their passions and what makes their heart sing. 

I give you insight, tools and techniques to you raise your vibration, deepen your spiritual connection and align with your purpose allowing you to become a manifesting magnet.

As well as gain understanding of your intuition and guidance systems so you become confident in your decision making. allowing you to follow your path to most flow, freedom, joy and love, and truly flourish.

Career and Business

If are fed up and unfulfilled in your current career, and you are looking to transition, either to different career or start your own business, or if you have been stuck in your business and you want to shift the energy and elevate your business.

I have helped clients transition out of one career into something completely different. Either a new career or business. Helping them create the success and fulfilment they desire.

I help you tap into what’s possible, and gain clarity on what you really want. I help you gain confidence and courage and align with your success, through strategy, planning, inspired actions, and raising your vibration so you reach your desired outcomes. 


My Approach & Philosophy



We are All Born to Flourish Why Not You?

You have unlimited possibilities open to you, allowing you to truly thrive. Living a life you love, with freedom, joy, love, and abundance. 

Life is happening for you and it’s happening now! If you want things to get better, it isn’t about waiting for things outside of yourself to change. 

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow…

​You have control and you have the power to make it happen! 

You don’t have to do it alone, most of us need guidance, encouragement, and inspiration with the tools it takes to create the results you want to see in your life.

All you need is to say yes to you, be open to ideas and guidance, and commit to your yes.

I will help you with the rest, help you transform your doubts, move beyond your worries and fears with confidence, feeling bold and courageous, and excited about your future.

I create an open non-judgmental and safe environment.  I am always respectful and understand this is your journey, I am not your guru, you have the answers within and part of my job is to help you find those answers, empowering you, and boosting your confidence and self-worth.

You will experience plenty of shifts and aha moments as well as a few tears as you heal past hurts and experiences, there will also be plenty of laughter and fun.

I will always ensure you feel lighter and uplifted at the end of each session, even if that means we overrun slightly.

This is a very organic process to allow space for you to deepen your understanding as you evolve. 

I look forward to meeting you soon!


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