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Jennifer Evans – Expert Transformation and Awakening Coach, International Best Selling Author, Podcast Host, Reiki Master, Retreat Leader.

My Story

Known to my circle as a heart-centered, purpose-driven, freedom-seeking rebel! 

I navigate life on my own terms, embracing a profound love of life, nature, and adventure. Infused with a generous dollop of compassion and a passion for helping other purpose-driven women create a life they love, it’s the thing I would do for free if I could—and often have.

After over 15 years being successful in the corporate world, I felt a calling for something more meaningful—a path that would allow me to make a greater impact and help others thrive.


In 2003, I embarked on a personal growth and spiritual journey, alongside starting my holistic practice.


Over the last 2 decades, I’ve had the privilege of learning from leading experts and mentors in transformation, metaphysics, spirituality, neuroscience, and entrepreneurship.

These experiences have shaped my approach to coaching, blending practical techniques with intuitive insights and healing modalities.


With a magical blend of skills, tools, experience, and intuition, I’ve helped hundreds of women embrace balance, freedom, and joy in their lives.


Through personalised coaching, solo and group retreats, workshops, and programs, I provide the guidance, tools, and inspiration you need to break free from limiting beliefs, so you can truly flourish and create a life you love.


As an Amazon International Best Selling Author, a Globally Recognized  Podcast Host, and a Top 10 Coach, I bring a wealth of expertise to every coaching session.


I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Together, let’s ignite possibility and unlock your vibrant life, creating a life that lights you up from the inside out.


A little more about my personal journey

My journey hasn’t been without its challenges. I faced self-doubt, low self-esteem, overwhelm and anxiety. Yet, amidst the struggles, I’ve built a strong resilience and determination,  celebrating numerous achievements and successes, relishing in adventure and joy.


With five major moves across four countries, including a return to the UK from Canada with just two suitcases, $2,000, two divorces, and my wonder dog Charlie, I’ve learned profound lessons about resilience and self-discovery.


Through it all, I came to the realization that true happiness and fulfilment lie within, prompting me to embark on a journey of self-transformation and growth.


Today, I’ve come full circle, creating a successful business, living a life I love with my wonderful partner Dominic and our amazing dogs, Charlie, Chuck and Poppy, moving to Italy in 2019.

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